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Our STK community is a great place to stay up-to-date on the latest announcements about our token, developments and general activity. Join us anytime @ Telegram, Twitter, Bitcointalk, Discord and Reddit.

We’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked community questions. Have a look below to see if yours is answered. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Submit a question of your own and we’ll add it to the list.

Does STACK have a partnership with Mastercard?
Yes, STACK has a confirmed, multi-year partnership with Mastercard. You can see the official announcement here.
Where can I buy STK tokens?
STK tokens are listed on the following exchanges:
What is the contract address:
What was the price of STK? What will the price of STK be on exchanges?
The presale token price of STK was $0.10 USD. We cannot comment on projected value of STK on exchanges.
When are tokens being distributed?
Presale and airdrop tokens were distributed on January 31, 2018.
When will bounty tokens be distributed?
Bounty tokens were distributed on February 1, 2018. Please refer to the bounty channel for more information.
How do I know if I was eligible for the airdrop?
If you were a member of the STK community prior to Dec.29/2017 and filled out the enrollment form prior to Dec.31/2017, you were eligible for the airdrop. You would have also received an email on January 12/2018 with information on how to receive your tokens.
How do I accept my airdrop tokens?
Please see this article for detailed instructions.
How do I add my airdrop tokens to MEW?
Please see this article for detailed instructions.
When will STACK issue cards?
STACK cards are currently projected to be available in the market by summer of this year. You can find a more detailed roadmap here.
Will STACK allow you to swap between different Fiat currency?
Yes, STACK will have multi-wallet functionality. Once you have the STACK app, you can use it to pay with local currency in multiple countries around the world.
Where can I watch the AMA with Ian Balina?
The video can be viewed here.
Where can I watch the AMA with OhHeyMatty?
The video can be viewed here.
Is there any information regarding capital gains and STK?
There are many factors used to determine whether something qualifies as a capital gain, including user intent, and cryptocurrencies are regulated according to country and/or jurisdiction. This article provides a good overview of the current Canadian regulatory environment, but we advise everyone to check with their local regulatory bodies.
Will there be fees to use STK and can I use bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies?
To start with, you will only be able to use STK or ETH through the platform. We plan to add additional cryptocurrencies shortly after launch but initially only STK and ETH will be supported. In the event that you use STK tokens to cover your purchase, there will be no fees. STK covers the cost of the entire transaction, including gas. If you pay using ETH, you would cover the cost of gas for the transactions.
What is the market cap?
We're calculating our market cap based on our circulating supply, which is 275MM. So market cap would be $27,500,000 USD. (circulating supply x price per token)
What will the daily transaction and spending limits be using the STACK platform?
Initially there will be a $100.00 tap-to-pay transaction limit, a $500.00 chip and pin transaction limit and a $2000.00 daily total spending limit. Increases to these limits will be reviewed and will depend on platform growth and total number of transactions.
On the STACK platform, will we be able to use cryptocurrency to pay with chip and pin?
Yes. You can select the currency you’d like to pay within the app and then use your chip and pin card to pay at the terminal.
Within the STACK platform, will we have to have STK tokens in order to make any purchases, even with fiat currency?
No, it is not necessary to have STK tokens in order to use fiat currency within the STACK app.

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