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Date: November 24th - 25th

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WHAT is Stackathon?

Stackathon is a 24-hour blockchain hackathon at STACK. It is in the midst of the annual Christmas Market, in the Distillery District. With so many blockchain meetups in Toronto, the community is really tightknit. Our hackathon focuses on bringing together members of the greater blockchain community. Our goal is for you to learn something - that’s all we ask! So, if you’re down for having your mind blown (or opened), come join us!

We’ll provide the food, the mentorship, and some nice tables to help you - bring your mind, and your creativity. Whether you’re looking for startup, or larger business, or internship positions, or full-time, use this weekend to network!



Are you actually hacking?
No, not actually hacking. It’s more like a coding competition, but you get to build whatever you want.
What is a hackathon?
You know that side project, or that startup idea that you always had? Hackathons are the best place to work on those - we provide the food, the space, the wifi, and you have 24 hours to create whatever you want. You just do what you wanna do. But please build it on blockchain.
How much does it cost?
It costs your brainpower and slight sleeplessness. Monetarily? It’s fee-free. Like the STACK app.
Where is it?
Right in the heart of the Distillery District. #36.
How do we get there?
By teleport.

It depends where you’re coming from. If you’re coming by TTC, you can get off at King eastbound and take the streetcar to King & Parliament and walk into the Distillery District.

Go Train? You can take the train to Union, and catch the 121 on Front to Esplanade and Berkeley, and cross the park to get to the Distillery District.
Will you be providing travel reimbursements?
Unfortunately, not. Walking and biking is free though!
What should I bring?
Bring yourself. That’s extremely important. Otherwise, bring some piece of ID for us to recognize you. Bring a pillow/blanket/sleeping bag/hammock if you want a nice place to crash. We won’t have any laptops on site, so make sure you bring something you can write (and run) code on!
Am I eligible to participate?
We are looking for passionate developers - that’s all! If you’ve dabbled in blockchain a bit, or you’ve never done blockchain before and want to learn, we want you to apply!
Can I sign up with a team?
Teams are 2-4 people. All of you have to submit individual applications...sorry!
What if I don’t have a team?
It’s okay. Just meet them at the hackathon! We’ll have a find-a-team session!
Can I start hacking beforehand?
No.. That would be...unfair, wouldn’t it?


Do you want to learn more about sponsorship opportunities? Are you interested in finding and exploring blockchain talent?

Contact Teddy at or check out our sponsorship page.

Contact Us

We’re located at 36 Distillery Lane, in the Distillery District. Finding us may be a little bit difficult with all the commotion of the Christmas Market, but we’ll provide contact people that you can reach out to, should you need any assistance!

Do you have any questions that we haven’t addressed? Feel free to email at